HydroLogics specializes in the development and application of computer models to advance the management of water resources.  Despite our small size, we have had a large influence on how water is managed, particularly in the United States, where roughly 20% of the population has benefited from our work. 

The members of the team, along with their bios, are listed below.  Resumes are available by clicking on their names. 

Dan Sheer, PhD, P.E.
Founder /
President Emeritus

Dan Sheer's objective since founding the firm in 1985 has been to improve how water is managed.  He has long been recognized in the field for his pioneering work in computer modeling (including a U.S. patent), conflict resolution, and development of operating rules that can actually be implemented by water managers.  His principal role with the firm is technical advisor. 

Mike Sheer's dual degrees in biology and policy have given him unique insights into water allocation issues and the challenges in converting generalized performance ideals into useful hydrological and biological metrics.  He has helped build models in some of the most complex river basins in the U.S. and Canada and led many collaborative modeling sessions. 

Tony Pulokas
OASIS Developer /
Senior Engineer

Tony Pulokas is the lead architect of our widely-used OASIS software.  Since joining in 1996, he has also worked to make other models (groundwater, water quality, etc.) work seamlessly with OASIS, providing additional capability for our clients.  He has led the development of a customized version of OASIS to power New York City's state-of-the-art Operations Support Tool (OST).  

Megan Rivera’s background in practicing and teaching water management provides effective stakeholder engagement, co-education, and communication skills along with technical expertise.  Her experience includes collaborative modeling for decision-support, applied research in reservoir operating rules as a strategy for climate change adaptation, and litigation support. 

Steven Nebiker, P.E.
VP, Business Devt. /
Steven Nebiker, P.E.
VP,  Business Devt./

Steven Nebiker has been involved in water resources planning and operations for over 20 years, working on some of the largest projects in the world.  Since joining in 2002, he has specialized in developing municipal water supply applications with OASIS, culminating in a campaign called Taking the Doubt Out of Drought™ through the use of probability-based drought plans.

Casey Caldwell
Senior Water
Resources Analyst

Casey Caldwell has over 10 years of experience solving water resources problems through the use of analytical tools and by working closely with stakeholders. Examples include integration of flood mitigation and drought planning in Canada and the development of regional planning and accounting models in the Southeast and Southwest United States. 

Eliot Meyer, PhD
Senior Engineer

Eliot Meyer specializes in applied research of hydrology, climate, energy, and financial insurance to the management of water resources, particularly under uncertainty and scarcity.  He combines technical expertise and communication skills to advance the innovative and practical management solutions for which HydroLogics is known.  

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