Our OASIS software serves as the centerpiece of our work in support of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) relicensing activities. Even though the model can be used by itself to assess the impacts of alternative operating scenarios, it is particularly helpful in processes using the alternative relicensing protocol. In these proceedings, our computer-aided negotiations process can be very effective at promoting negotiation and settlement among the parties. In an open forum such as this, our skills at assisting participants define their operational objectives and finding creative "non-inferior" solutions are used to their best advantage and result in a less contentious and less costly process.

Project operations

We provide planning-level activities such as the development of generalized operating criteria and "optimal" guide curves.  We also provide tools to assist in the economic dispatch of the project(s) over the course of a day or a week, as well as support with ancillary services. OASIS is ideally suited to these types of activities because it can accommodate time steps from an hour to a week (including the irregular time steps associated with peak and off-peak rate structures) and also handle the complex interaction among the several projects in a system. 

We have helped power utilities develop innovative low flow operating protocols that use inflow forecasting to determine when to curtail minimum releases and preserve hydropower storage during drought.  On othe opposite end of the spectrum, we have also helped to develop rules to utiltize existing hydropower storage to mitigate flooding downstream. 


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