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OASIS is a unique software program that evolved from HydroLogics' work in modeling water resources systems, allowing us to model virtually any system quickly and accurately.  OASIS is a mass balance model, meaning that water cannot be created or removed artificially.  OASIS is water resources-specific, so unlike generic tools like spreadsheets, all continuity of flow equations are automatically written, saving significant time and reducing error when building river basin models. 

We developed OASIS for water people, not for computer programmers. Our patented Operations Control Language (OCL) provides a means for evaluating practical operating rules that can be tested in the software's planning mode and implemented with the same software in its operations mode.  OCL is also used to harness the power of other dedicated software, such as water quality and groundwater models.  

OASIS, along with its graphical user interface and pre- and post-processing programs (including "dashboards"), is an extremely powerful tool for water managers and other stakeholders, and is designed to facilitate computer-aided negotiation and drought exercises.  It enables them to see how their system reacts to demand management options, supply management options, changes in operating rules, or sequencing of facilities.  The affordable software can be customized to suit clients’ needs and is supported with training and free upgrades.

OASIS is the standard for hydrologic modeling in three states (Kansas, Tennessee, and North Carolina) and for the Delaware and Susquehanna River Basin Commissions. It is used by water utilities, environmental groups, and industrial clients across the United States, including New York City, the South Florida Water Management District, the Salt River Project in Arizona, The Nature Conservancy and many, many others.  OASIS has been used to inform water allocation in river basins affecting about 20 percent of the U.S. population. 


OASIS schematic of a relatively simple system (City of Durham, North Carolina)

OASIS schematic of a more complex system (Bow River Basin in Canada)

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“With OASIS, we have been able to demonstrate with a high degree of confidence the impact of different operating policies on everyone’s objectives. We have the ability to test the assumptions and try alternative methods right at the table, and there’s nothing ‘black box’ about it.”

Sam Pearsall, former Director of the
Roanoke River Project,
The Nature Conservancy, North Carolina

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