River Basin Management

Water purveyors, industries, farmers, and environmentalists often have extremely divergent goals for the use of precious water resources. When these goals collide, the situation often appears chaotic.  We help bring order out of this chaos, assisting these different interests in arriving at mutually agreeable solutions — and often "finding" more water in existing water systems in the process.  Under this service area of river basin management, we specialize in water allocation and environmental flows. 

Using our OASIS software, we assist our clients in creating operating rules and assessing their long-term performance through testing of alternatives.  While every water resources system is unique and requires an individualized approach, HydroLogics has developed a general approach for assessing the trade-offs involved in water allocation under various hydrological and climatalogical regimes. 

Water allocation issues have increasingly revolved around environmental flows, for which HydroLogics has considerable experience evaluating as part of developing effective river basin management plans. 

Samples of performance measures
from OASIS simulations

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